Seeking answers with your own beliefs: BJC staff Q&A with Ana Roché

Aug 31, 2023

Ana Roché is the executive assistant at BJC, providing administrative and operational support to Amanda Tyler. A graduate of Brooklyn College, she has experience working in entertainment and intellectual property law.


What does faith freedom mean to you?
Faith freedom is the ability to have your questions that seem to have no definitive answer to be answered with your faith and morals. Faith freedom has great importance in my life because I am able to seek answers but also guidance with my own beliefs. I don’t feel the pressure of following what is culturally – or society’s perception of – acceptable.

What have you been watching and reading lately?
I have been watching “Lincoln Lawyer” on Netflix, and I am currently reading Two-Dimensional Man by Paul Sahre.

Who inspires you?
I am inspired by Zaha Hadid. She was a famous architect who culturally shifted how we view and use work spaces and interior design.

What has been your favorite BJC event during your tenure?
While I have only been at BJC for a few months, I would say that the 2023 BJC Luncheon has been my favorite.