SCOTUS roofWritten by Don Byrd

The Supreme Court has finally scheduled oral arguments in the case of Trinity Lutheran v. Pauley for April 19. That case involves government funding grant that was denied to a church out of concern for Missouri law barring taxpayer aid to religion. The case was taken up more than one year ago, but has not yet been set for hearing. Some have speculated that the Court feared a 4-4 tie following the death of Justice Scalia, hence the delay. 

The Baptist Joint Committee filed a brief opposing state funding of churches. See the BJC’s Trinity Lutheran resource page for more info.

Meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that it would begin hearings on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on March 20. Politico reports that the hearings are expected to last three to four days.

You can read the BJC’s statement following the nomination of Judge Gorsuch here.