U.S. Supreme Court to hear legislative prayer case

From BJC staff reports
The practice of opening government meetings with Christian prayer will be examined by the U.S. Supreme Court in its upcoming term. The case of Town of Greece v. Galloway will bring legislative prayer before the Court for the first time in 30 years.

From the June 2013 Report from the Capital

Anti-Sharia movement changes tactics and gains success

By Omar Sacirbey, Religion News Service, with Lauren Markoe and BJC staff reports
When earlier anti-Sharia bills specifically singled out Islam and Sharia, they also raised concerns that they could affect Catholic canon law or Jewish law. The newer bills in this arena, however, are more vague and mention only foreign laws, with no references to Sharia or Islam.

From the June 2013 Report from the Capital

The framework of American religious liberty

By J. Brent Walker, BJC Executive Director
Endowed by Our Creator: The Birth of Religious Freedom in America by Michael I. Meyerson is a new and wonderful book that responsibly engages the contentious debate about how the framers understood religion and religious liberty in the formation of our national government.

From the June 2013 Report from the Capital

Does religious freedom report need more ‘teeth’?

By Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service
Watchdogs say the State Department missed a key opportunity to put teeth into its annual assessment of global religious freedom.

From the June 2013Report from the Capital