Written by Don Byrd

On the heels of President Trump’s Executive Order that seeks to politicize houses of worship, a new website created by a coalition of diverse faith-based organizations including the Baptist Joint Committee offers all church leaders  – clergy and lay leaders alike – the opportunity to be heard on this important issue. Visit faith-voices.org and sign a letter that will be delivered to members of Congress expressing opposition to any effort to repeal or undermine the so-called “Johnson Amendment.” That law protects houses of worship by prohibiting tax-exempt organizations from campaigning for or against a candidate for office. You can also leave a comment explaining how a change in the law would impact you and your congregation.

The BJC’s executive director, Amanda Tyler, explains in a video below why it is so important that we speak out to let our Senators and Representatives know that this protection is good for religion and for our houses of worship. Visit faith-voices.org now and sign your name to this critical effort!

For more, see Marv Knox’s piece highlighting this campaign in The Baptist Standard. And see Tyler’s op-ed for Religion News Service, making the case that abandoning the ban on church electioneering threatens to turn our houses of worship into PACs.