There is no more foundational right than religious freedom

By Woody and Penny Jenkins
Goochland, Virginia

We have supported BJC for more than 20 years now. We first learned of the work of BJC while attending Baptist meetings, both locally and nationally, and hearing former executive director Brent Walker’s presentations and “breakout sessions” on BJC’s work.

We know of no other organization that is solely devoted to and focused on the issue of separation of church and state like BJC. As one of the most important elements of the Bill of Rights, and a foundational tenet in Baptist faith, no other group can or will speak to the issues around this belief as well as BJC.

BJC is also committed to the education and empowerment of ordinary folks so that the reasons for and the benefits of religious liberty are not lost on succeeding generations. There are few things more precious to the health and well-being of democracy as we know it than the protection of this right.

When we began our estate planning, we very intentionally looked at all the institutions, schools, and organizations we had supported in the past. We decided that, although we would like to provide assistance to all of these, our limited estate would best be utilized by a select few for whom these funds would help further their important work. BJC ended up very high on the short list of these select organizations.

What we are able to do for BJC now and will do in the future through our estate may not make a huge difference. However, we pray that we will be joined by many others who are able to offer their “meager gifts” to be added to ours. Collectively, we may assure the ongoing success of BJC, securing the religious freedom of all citizens of these United States.

When you consider the many worthy causes and organizations that seek your support, we would urge you to choose those that will make a lasting difference in the religious life of the people of this great nation. The sacrifices of those who have made our freedoms secure to this point must not be in vain. There is no more foundational right than religious freedom and no organization more committed to defending this freedom than BJC.

If you have included BJC in your estate plans or would like more information about naming us as a beneficiary of a will, trust or financial account, fill out this simple form or contact Danielle Tyler at [email protected] or 202.544.4226.