Here's some good news. Trijicon has agreed to stop placing Scripture references on the gun sights it sells to the U.S. military, according to an ABCNews report. After an initially dismissive response from an Air Force spokesperson earlier in the week, I was very glad to hear other senior military officials taking the problem seriously and responding swiftly. Kudos to the Pentagon and to Trijicon for doing the right thing going forward, even doing all they can to remove the inscriptions already out there.

Trijicon, the gunsight maker that has imprinted Bible verse numbers on its scopes, has announced that it will no longer imprint the verses on the sides of scopes intended for the U.S. military, and will also provide clients with the kits to remove the Bible verse numbers from existing scopes.

Earlier today, Gen. David Petraeus, who commands CentCom, which oversees U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, told a D.C. thinktank that the company's practice was "disturbing …and a serious concern for me" and field commanders. He said there had been considerable discussions within the Department of Defense about how to deal with Trijicon's practice.

After my initial hyperventilating on the subject, I should add it's nice to see this issue dealt with the right way, by everyone involved it would seem.