jefferson faceWritten by Don Byrd

The Baptist General Association of Virginia passed a powerful resolution last week at their annual meeting opposing anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies and calling on fellow Baptists to reach out to our Muslim neighbors. 

Here is a key excerpt:

[W]e, the messengers to the Baptist General Association of Virginia, at its annual meeting on November 16, 2016, ask
THAT all levels of American government refrain from discriminating against any group, including Muslims and refugees, on the basis of their religion;
THAT our religious and political leaders characterize Islam and Muslims in a way that is fair, objective, and based on how Islam is interpreted and practiced by the overwhelming majority of Muslims in this country and not just by extremists, such as ISIS;
THAT Virginia Baptists, both individuals and churches, speak out against anti-Muslim rhetoric and bigotry, learn about Islam, get to know their Muslim neighbors, meet and talk with them about their respective faiths and common concerns, such as religious liberty, and above all else show them the love of Jesus; and
THAT Virginia Baptists support the passage of laws that would prohibit denying refugees, immigrants, and visitors entry into the United States on the basis of their religion.

The measure passed with the support of 78% of messengers. Kudos to BGAV for taking such a principles stand on behalf of the principle that religious liberty is for all.  You can read the entire resolution here.