What is BJC’s Faith FULL Community? A conversation with Danielle Tyler

Dec 10, 2020

As the associate director of development at BJC, Danielle A. Tyler focuses on expanding the base of donor support for religious liberty, and that includes working closely with BJC’s Faith FULL Community of donors. We asked Danielle to talk more about why she is passionate about this newly organized group of BJC supporters.

What’s the best part about being the staff liaison to the Faith FULL Community?
I enjoy interacting with our donors who are part of our Faith FULL Community because they tell so many stories of how religious liberty has influenced their lives. Just this Friday, as I was packing up to leave the office, I received a call from our newest Faith FULL Community member, Jacqueline Allen. She is 89 years old and a direct descendant of the Rev. John Waller, who was horsewhipped in 1771 and jailed for more than 100 days in Virginia for the crime of being a Baptist minister. Jacqueline’s family’s roots in religious liberty run deep, and she was raised with a fierce commitment to the work BJC engages in. She wanted to make a monthly commitment to BJC to uphold her family’s legacy.

Our Faith FULL Community is 24 years in the making. Our monthly donor program began with donors giving each month without special benefit or recognition — they gave simply because they were dedicated to protecting faith freedom for all. I’m thrilled to wave the banner for monthly donors, giving them the recognition they deserve as faithful givers.


Who is part of the Faith FULL Community?
Anyone who gives monthly — at any amount — is part of the Faith FULL Community. Our Faith FULL Community members include BJC Fellows, former BJC interns, board members, college students, BJC staff, people who have supported BJC for decades, and people newly inspired by our work. These donors are committed to making the world a better place, creating opportunities for future generations. Our Faith FULL Community members believe in a world where religious liberty is a valued fundamental right.


Why is monthly giving important?
Monthly giving allows anyone to make a significant and lasting impact on BJC’s mission. It’s a great entry way for young professionals, students and individuals new to BJC to contribute financially. People give at whatever donation amount is comfortable for them, and they become an integral part of our work. Their gifts allow BJC to have consistent funding to continue the valuable work of protecting faith freedom for all.


What does it mean to you to see the dedication of the Faith FULL Community?
Working at BJC each day, I’m keenly aware of how fragile our freedoms are and the necessary work involved in protecting them. Seeing the dedication of this community motivates me on a daily basis in my work. Monthly donors are some of our greatest advocates for our educational programming, legal work and advocacy efforts. They regularly ask what else they can do to help our cause, inspiring me to work even harder on their behalf.


Is it difficult to join the Faith FULL Community?
It is simple, and there is no minimum monthly donation amount. It’s a great way to make a difference instantly. You can go to our website at BJConline.org/give-monthly. Or, I’m glad to get this worked out with anyone — you can call me directly at 202-544-4226, extension 308, or email me at [email protected].

Danielle A. Tyler is the associate director of development at BJC.

This Q&A appeared in the Fall/Winter 2020 edition of Report from the Capital. You can read the entire magazine as a PDF or as a digital flip-through edition.