Siblings Adam McDuffie and Lauren McDuffie

Siblings Adam and Lauren McDuffie at the 2016 Religious Liberty Council Luncheon

If you are a young minister who wants to attend the annual Religious Liberty Council Luncheon, the BJC offers tickets at half price. Ministers with less than 5 years of experience can purchase tickets for the discounted rate of $20 for this year’s event on June 30 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Siblings Lauren and Adam McDuffie, who are both young ministers, talk about why attending the RLC Luncheon is important to them.

Lauren McDuffie
I grew up in churches where I learned about the impact of religious liberty advocacy in our Baptist story. As a student, attending the Religious Liberty Council Luncheon during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly gave me the chance to connect with others who care about these issues, to hear compelling speakers address contemporary issues of religious liberty, and to connect with the work of the BJC as a young Baptist. The BJC Fellows program and the availability of discounted tickets for young ministers to the RLC Luncheon are just a couple of the ways I have been able to build connections between my ministry and the advocacy of the BJC. 

Adam McDuffie
Having interned with the BJC, I was able to see firsthand the importance of the work this organization does in fighting for the protection of religious liberty. Given that I am currently in seminary, I am living on a tight budget. The discounted tickets available to young ministers makes this experience possible for me and other young ministers. I am immensely grateful for that.

Visit to learn more about this year’s event and to purchase tickets.