Faith freedom
in a pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips our world with uncertainty, we at BJC are continuing with the important work of supporting faith freedom for all. While the day-in, day-out work of our mission may seem less urgent as we face a global public health crisis, the heart of our mission remains vital. Ensuring that every person has the freedom to believe and to act on those beliefs without unnecessary government interference is core to a flourishing human existence.

This page provides quick access to our resources connected to the coronavirus pandemic – including analysis pieces, podcasts, news updates and commentary. 

At BJC, we are leaning into that first word in our tagline – faith – and our distinctive nature as a faith-based group. Our inclusive coalition includes people from many religious traditions and those who don’t identify as religious but who respect and support our faith-based perspective. Whatever differences we may have in beliefs, practice, and identity, we all have been made keenly aware of our shared humanity, with all its frailty and vulnerability as well as its capacity to seek a relationship with the divine and to view the world as something bigger than ourselves.