In honor of Chad Bittick and family
By Lindel Bittick

In honor of Charlie Boggan
By Charles and Ann Lott

In honor of Marjorie and P. Joseph Brake
By Richard and Wendy Brake

In honor of Rosemary Brevard
By Cody and Carole Knowlton

In honor of Don Byrd
By Robert and Joyce Byrd

In honor of Tom and Ann Caulkins
By Rachel Revelle

In honor of Hardy Clemons
By John and Jeanette Cothran

In honor of James Dunn
By Paul McCraw

In honor of James and Marilyn Dunn
By Susan Borwick
Thomas and Judith Ginn

In honor of Pam Durso
By Ashley Robinson

In honor of Pam Durso, Mitch Randall
and Curtis Ramsey-Lucas
By Daniel and Andrea Glaze

In honor of Charles and Carolyn Horton
By Harrel and Sally Morgan

In honor of Henry Holland
By Daniel and Janet Bagby

In honor of Holly Hollman
By Jo and Harold Hollman

In honor of Courtney Marsh
By Thomas Walsh

In honor of John and Susan Morgan
By Lamon and Jean Moates

In honor of Walter Shurden
By Joy Withers Brown

In honor of Walter and Kay Shurden
By Sherry Shurden Brewer and Dan Brewer
Wallace and Karol Daniel

In honor of Jenny Smith
By Ronald Williams

In honor of Andrew Tonks
By A. Ronald and Charlotte Tonks

In honor of Brent and Nancy Walker
By Ircel Harrison
Cliff and Sandy Perrin

In honor of Brent Walker and Holly Hollman
By Vernon Alger
Andrew Daugherty
Michael Lieberman and Randi Abramson

In honor of Brent Walker, Holly Hollman
and Taryn Deaton
By Lindsay and Travis Bergstrom

In honor of Bob Woodman
By Summer McKinnon


In memory of Will Campbell
By Todd and Kit Heifner

In memory of Ardelle Clemons
By John and Jeanette Cothran

In memory of Roy Gene Edge
By Cindy Lee Edge

In memory of Harley Hunt
By Tonia and David Hunt

In memory of Richard Ice
By Eric and Julianne Edmondson

In memory of Allen Keith McFarland Jr.
By Jaclanel McFarland
Megan Ullman and J. Edward Menger

In memory of John and Marcia Neubert
By Richard and Elizabeth Myers

In memory of Mary Nell Powell
By Patricia Powell Baynham

In memory of John D. Raymond
By Martha Thompson

In memory of J.T. and Sara Rutherford
By Ann Rutherford

In memory of Ann Wyatt Sharp
By Kathy Sharp

In memory of Phil Strickland
By Charles Petty

In memory of Browning Ware
By Randall and Ann Ashcraft


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Contact Taryn Deaton at [email protected] with questions regarding gifts.


 From the January 2015 Report From the Capital. Click here to read the next article.