U.S. senator draws criticism for espousing dangerous Christian nationalism mythology

by | Sep 23, 2022

Fundamental to the dangerous ideology of Christian nationalism is its creation story – the idea that America was founded as a “Christian nation” – and its corollary fantasy, that the seeds of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were planted in Scripture. Proponents of Christian nationalism rely on these mythologies to merge their American and Christian identities.

A recent speech by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., provides a clear example of this troubling reasoning, insisting that “without the Bible, there is no America.” Most dangerously, after connecting Scripture to America’s founding documents, he claims that his political opponents pose a threat to both. Here is an excerpt:

The biblical revolution is there in our Constitution, which separates powers among offices and stations to ensure the common person can rule, and no clique or elite.

America as we know it, America as we love it, is the product of the revolution of the Bible. But now that biblical inheritance is under siege.

In a powerful rebuke, the Kansas City Star editorial board called Sen. Hawley’s speech “a confusing stew of inaccurate history, dubious theology and extreme hypocrisy.” 

Hawley’s views must be resisted, and his fumbling theocracy rejected. He’s at the forefront of a dangerous, growing movement: White Christian nationalism is… endangering religious freedom for everyone.

[I]mposing a biblical structure on American self-government is a real danger in our own time: Hawley and fellow travelers continuously seek to impose their beliefs on school curricula, equal rights, bodily autonomy and a host of other issues.

The rise of Christian nationalism in America has become a grave threat to religious freedom and our democracy. It is especially important for Christians, BJC has emphasized, to be vocal in the fight against this dangerous ideology. For Baptists, a tool in that effort might be right in front of us.

To make your voice heard on this critical issue, join the tens of thousands of Christians who have signed on to the Christians Against Christian Nationalism statement and access resources there. You will find information you can share on social media and curriculum you can use for small group discussions to help root out this ideology in your community and yourself.