BJC condemns congresswoman’s embrace of Christian nationalism

by | Jun 7, 2022

Last week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, claimed that Christian nationalism is “nothing to be afraid of,” and predicted that the movement will solve the problem of crime, school shootings, and “sexual immorality” in America. Footage of the pro-Christian nationalist statement was captured from Rep. Greene’s live video stream to supporters.

In a response posted on Twitter, BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler explained the dangers of Christian nationalism:

Christian nationalism is not the same as Christianity. It demeans Christianity by using it as a proxy for a set of political positions and damages our political discourse by implying that one must subscribe to a certain set of Christian beliefs to be a “true” American. Christianity and Christian nationalism should never be conflated, and a growing number of Christians are joining the Christians Against Christian Nationalism campaign to speak out about this harmful ideology. As Christians and as Americans, we must reject Christian nationalism and hold our elected leaders accountable when they endorse it.

In an essay on Substack, historian Dr. Jemar Tisby added, “[to] follow Christ is to reject the Christian Nationalist ideology. Marjorie Taylor Greene and her allies can follow Jesus’s teachings or the teachings of Christian Nationalism, but they cannot do both.”

Greene’s troubling statements represent a stunningly explicit embrace of a movement that is becoming more and more brazen. They also come on the heels of an eye-opening report issued by BJC and the Freedom From Religion Foundation detailing the role that Christian nationalism played in the deadly January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, calling the ideology a “driving” and “unifying force” among the rioters.

As Tyler wrote in the report, “The Christian response to Christian nationalism must not only be widespread to be effective; it also must be prolonged. The ideology of Christian nationalism, which has become deeply entrenched in American society over centuries, will take generations to dismantle.”

If you are a Christian concerned about the rise of Christian nationalism, join the tens of thousands of other Christians in signing this statement of opposition to Christian nationalism. At the website of Christians Against Christian Nationalism, you can also find information you can share on social media and curriculum you can use for small group discussions to help root out this ideology in your community.

For more on the impact of Christian nationalism on our politics, check out Season 3, Episode 18 of Respecting Religion, BJC’s podcast featuring Tyler and BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman. They discuss how to combat Christian nationalism by engaging constructively during elections.