Ep. 04: Theological view of Christian nationalism with Walter Brueggemann

What does the Bible have to teach us about Christian nationalism? Author and scholar Walter Brueggemann talks about the theological dangers of Christian nationalism in the fourth episode of our podcast series. Hear his thoughts on what the prophets have to teach us about our current times, the importance of the crucifixion and resurrection narrative in these conversations, and what the Bible says about oppression, hope, truth and power.

Ep. 03: Were we founded as a Christian nation?

Learn about the political and religious history behind the idea that the United States was founded as a “Christian nation” in this episode of our podcast series on Christian nationalism. BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler talks with Dr. Steven Green, author of “Inventing a Christian America: The Myth of the Religious Founding,” about the political history of this concept. On the second half of the episode, we hear from church historian Bill Leonard (starting at 21:38) on what religious leaders said and did during the founding of the United States.

Ep. 02: Academic view of Christian nationalism

Dr. Andrew Whitehead talks about his work researching Christian nationalism in the second episode of our special podcast series. A professor of sociology at Clemson University, he explains what Christian nationalism is, how he and other researchers measure the ideology, and how it affects the way individuals see the world. Whitehead also shares how Christian nationalism differs from religious practice and the way it impacts all Americans.

Ep. 01: Christian leaders on Christian nationalism

In the first episode of our podcast series on Christian nationalism, hear what Christian leaders have to say about the ideology. BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler speaks with Bishop Elizabeth Eaton of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (starting at 5:19); Rev. Dr. Paul Baxley of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (10:12); Diane Randall from the Friends Committee on National Legislation (15:02); Sister Simone Campbell of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice (19:14); and Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Haggray of American Baptist Home Mission Societies (23:13).

Podcast Series Preview: The Dangers of Christian Nationalism

Join us for a 10-week podcast series on the dangers of Christian nationalism. Amanda Tyler speaks with researchers, journalists, theologians, historians, and others, including Walter Brueggemann, Sister Simone Campbell, Eboo Patel, Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, author Steven Green, Bill Leonard, and many more. Episodes release each Wednesday, starting July 31, 2019.

Examining the cross case decision with Amanda Tyler and Holly Hollman

What does the Supreme Court’s most recent church-state decision mean for all of us? BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler and General Counsel Holly Hollman examine the Court’s splintered 7-2 decision in the Bladensburg cross case and discuss what it means for the future.