Baptist leader, Rep. Maxwell Frost urge Christians to reject Christian nationalism

Amanda Tyler, executive director of BJC and lead organizer of the Christians Against Christian Nationalism campaign, testified at a congressional hearing on international religious freedom. “The best way we can make a difference is by not adding more fuel to the fire of religious extremism and nationalism. Instead, we should focus on being a role model to the world by ensuring the institutional separation of church and state, which protects all of us,” Tyler said during her testimony.

S5, Ep. 02: Southern Baptist Convention president, ‘White Evangelical Racism’ author, and Respecting Religion co-host discuss Christian nationalism

What happens when you talk about Christian nationalism with the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, a historian who wrote a book on white evangelical racism, and the lead organizer of Christians Against Christian Nationalism? Find out as we bring you portions of a panel conversation recorded in September during the Texas Tribune Festival. The Rev. Dr. Bart Barber, Dr. Anthea Butler, and Amanda Tyler talk about Christian nationalism’s connection to the January 6 attack, Baptist history, American history, Christian citizenship, and much more. You might hear surprising areas of agreement in this honest, in-depth, and animated conversation.

S5, Ep. 01: Live Q&A with Holly and Amanda

Is the Supreme Court immune from public pressure? What is the role of the government when it comes to nondiscrimination laws, gender identity, and posting Scripture? As we begin season 5 of Respecting Religion, Amanda Tyler and Holly Hollman take live questions from an audience on these topics and more. Hear their updates from the summer as they share what we can expect from this new Supreme Court term, as well as how decisions are impacting our country at all levels.

Baptist group marks leadership transition

BJC is proud to announce a historic transition of its board leadership. For the first time, the BJC Board of Directors elected a Latina person to serve as chair and a Jewish person to serve as vice chair.